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Deferred Sales Trust

A deferred sales trust is a method used to defer capital gains tax when selling real estate, your business, cryptocurrency or other business assets that are subject to capital gains tax. Instead of receiving the sale proceeds at closing, the money is put into a trust and only taxed as the funds from the sale are received. 

Deferred Sales Trust Made Simple 

1031 Exchange vs Deferred Sales Trust

David Young - CEO of Anfield Capital Management and former VP of PIMCO discusses Deferred Sales Trusts

Kevin Harrington - of Shark Tank 
discusses Deferred Sales Trusts

Deferred Sales Trust

What you need to know about Deferred Sales Trusts

Is the Deferred Sales Trust legal?

Crypto Tax Deferral Made Simple

Perfect 1031 Exchange Rescue

Deferred Sales Trust - Client Stories

Helping Clients Navigate the Deferred Sales Trust 

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